The Bought theme is a strong reminder of how God himself paid an ultimate price to make community with him possible, and a challenge for us to live our lives with this bought status in mind.


Every Knee, Every Nation

The Worship theme challenged us to go from merely singing songs, to loving God with our whole lives, body and soul. We went with a sports motif for this Olympic year


Set the World on Fire

We shamelessly rode the crest of the flames look that was seemingly everywhere in the early 00's.


Life, Truth, Love, Desire, Purpose, Way

The modern minimalist style of the One theme is so refreshing after the beautiful chaos of the previous years.


Molt, Morph & Multiply

Inspired by Asian popular culture, our Metamorphosis theme referenced bullfrogs, butterflies, and giant Japanese transforming robots!

Route 99

A Road Trip to the Nations

We played off the American concept of the classic Route 66 road trip and we cleverly inverted the 6's into 9's. The idea was to inspire students to go to the ends of the earth.

Search & Rescue

Seek & Save the Lost

This theme clearly shows how we are rooted in evangelism. We couldn't think of a more clear way to demonstrate to our students that this is a primary role of Jesus' disciples in the world.