One Stone at a Time

A rock was once laying in the sand, dusty and unwanted. It was rejected for any sort of use. But God called this rock precious and he made it into the cornerstone of a building, the most important stone in the building...


Back to Life

Whether we realize it our not, each moment of every day, we are practicing the act of breathing. In, out. In, out. Subconsciously or intentionally, we steep our lungs with oxygen, bringing essential fuel to every organ, fiber, and function of our being, and release carbon dioxide, a toxin to our system. We are created to rhythmically draw in life and release death...


Stand Up | Stand Out

Our theme this year is rooted in the biblical record of three young men who were thrown into a fiery furnace because of their belief in God. Miraculously, they were saved...

Inside Out

Mind, Life, World

This years theme is about being transformed and renewed - to not be split thinkers wearing masks and act differently in different environments. Inside Out means being real. It means we are who we say we are. It means we don't pretend to be something else. It means we are a person in the process of becoming more like Christ...

All In

Bet Your Life

We imagined betting our lives on Jesus' invitation to follow him… Inspired by the baroque elements on American money and on the coolest poker chips, the All In theme reflects the story of the Rich Young Ruler.

The Basics

Love God, Love Others

We call it the Greatest Commandment—to love God with nothing less than everything we are. Then, it’s from this true, wholehearted love for God that we can live out a life of loving others as ourselves.

Expand Heaven Here

Again and again, Jesus said, “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near.” In 2011, it was our privilege to participate with him in announcing this message around the world.


Forward means leaving the past behind. It means walking out of the desert, crossing the Jordan and moving into the promised land. Forward means from here to everywhere.


The RE:ACT theme was all about REsponding to God's ACTions. The idea was that God is the prime mover, the initiator, the one who started the possibility of right relationship with him. He's the actor, and so it's our opportunity to respond to him.


Do Justice, Love Mercy, Walk Humbly

The Trek theme is a big favorite for a lot of people… And sometimes it's referred to as the "Do Justice" theme, for obvious reasons. The theme echoes Micah 6:8


Wake Up Dead Man

The Lazarus theme was designed to show the kids that people are entombed by sin and its effects, but that we can be a part of Jesus calling the dead out of their graves.


Body • Mind • Soul • World

The Detox theme was all about removing poisons. The goal of the theme was to show the students that they can be a part of removing the toxins, first in themselves, then in the wider world around them.